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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a very common complaint, especially among the competitive and recreational athletes of Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens.  An accurate diagnosis is critical to develop a care plan to heal your shoulder injury as quickly as possible.  While there are many causes of shoulder pain, a few common causes include:

Shoulder (Rotator Cuff) Tendonitis
Shoulder tendonitis or tendonosis can be caused by inflammation around the tendons of the rotator cuff.  These tendons attach muscles to the bones of the shoulder.  Tendonitis can be caused from an acute trauma or repetitive motions seen in sports such as tennis, golf, volleyball and baseball.  Rotator cuff tendonitis treatment includes physical therapy and chiropractic care.

Rotator Cuff Sprain/Strain
Similar to other areas of the body, the muscles and ligaments of the shoulder are susceptible to sprains and strains.  A shoulder strain refers to a strained muscle (usually the rotator cuff) while a strain refers to a strained ligament of the shoulder.  Similar to tendonitis, physical therapy and chiropractic is the conservative treatment for a rotator cuff sprain/strain.

Rotator Cuff Tear
Occationally, the rotator cuff of the shoulder will tear if too much stress is applied.  In order to diagnose a rotator cuff tear, a physical exam with orthopedic test must be performed.  An MRI of the shoulder will often confirm a rotator cuff tear.  Conservative treatment for shoulder tears may include physical therapy, chiropractic care, anti-inflammatory medication, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections or Cortizone injections.  In some cases, rotator cuff tears must repair surgically.  Sport & Spinal Rehab in Jupiter, FL will work closely with your orthopedist, providing conservative PT treatment to heal your shoulder.

Shoulder Impingement
Shoulder impingement is caused by irritation and inflammation of the supraspinatus muscle (rotator cuff) as it passed through the subacromial space.  This space is often narrowed with poor posture (rounded shoulders), inflammation from repetitive motions or from a bone spur on the acromion bone.  Chiropractic adjustments often help with postural issues associated with shoulder impingement while physical therapy heals the shoulder.  In rare cases, a shoulder decompression surgery is needed to shave the bone spur off to reduce the impingement.

Frozen Shoulder
Frozen Shoulder (aka Adhesive Capsulitis) is often seen after an acute injury or surgery when the shoulder has been immobilized for a period of time.  Physical therapy or manipulation under anesthesia (M.U.A.) is often the treatment of choice for patients with frozen shoulder.


Labrum Tear
The labrum of the shoulder is a piece of fibrocartilage that lays in the shoulder socket between the humerous (upper arm bone) and scapula (shoulder blade).  Labral tears usually occurs due to an injury but are sometimes found secondarily to degeneration.  Physical therapy or surgery is usually prescribed for labral tears, depending on the severity of the tear.

Shoulder Separation
A shoulder separation often occurs when the top of the shoulder takes a direct trauma, ie: falling directly on the shoulder or tackling.  A shoulder separation is an injury of the AC (acromioclavicular) joint.  When the AC joint is separated, the supporting ligaments are injured.  If the injury is severe, a bump is seen on top of the shoulder as the clavical (collar bone) and scapula (shoulder blade) separate.

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