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Auto Accident Treatment

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Auto accident treatment will vary widely based on your specific injuries.  After an accident, emergency care is often necessary to make sure there are no life-threatening conditions that could jeopardize your life.  Unfortunately, many people leave the emergency room with “Emergency Medical Conditions” that are not “life-threatening” but can non-the-less cause serious pain and dysfunction to their body.

If injured, Dr. Brandon Nevel will document the specifics of the accident and perform physical examination consisting of orthopedic and neurological testing.  If necessary, Sport & Spinal Rehab has digital x-ray to see your bones and joints.

Many injuries from car accidents require physical therapy and chiropractic treatments to heal properly.  Some spinal conditions respond well to advanced traction methods such as spinal decompression.

The injuries caused by auto accident may necessitate the collaboration of multiple doctors and specialists.  If needed, Dr. Nevel has a great working relationship with the best doctors and surgeons in South Florida and will co-manage your injuries.  Open communication is kept between any doctors treating your injuries in order to provide the best care.

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