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Leg & Foot Conditions

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Foot Pain – Because the foot is a very intricate structure with many causes of pain, a proper diagnosis is critical for proper treatment.  Many conditions can create foot pain including: plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, sprain/strains, fractures, flat feet (over pronators), tendonitis, sesamoiditis, neuromas, and subluxated/misaligned bones of the feet.

Ankle Pain – There are many causes of ankle pain including fractures, muscle and tendon strains, ligament sprains, and misaligned (fixated) joints.  In order to treat ankle pain, a proper diagnosis is essential.  Treatment for ankle pain may include chiropractic, physical therapy, and fitting of foot orthotics if appropriate.

Knee Pain – The knee is an intricate structure and there are a variety of reason a person may be suffering from knee pain.  The ligaments and meniscus of the knee should be evaluated to rule out sprains and tears.  Proper motion of the knee joint as well as adequate and balanced muscles are required to keep the knee functioning properly

Numbness in Legs – Numbness in the legs can be caused by numerous diseases.  This loss of feeling in the extremities is often described as your legs or feet “falling asleep.”  The cause of numb legs can be vascular or neurological in origin.

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