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Ankle Pain

Whether your ankle pain is caused by a sprain/strain, tendonitis, arthritis, or a misalignment of the ankle or foot bones, Sport & Spinal Rehab offers Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens chiropractic and physical therapy to get you back functioning to 100%.

A sprained ankle is one of the most common athletic injuries and make up about 45% of all athletic injuries.  Preventing an ankle sprain is often difficult when the inciting factor is stepping on uneven ground or stepping another athlete’s foot.  However you injure your ankle, proper rehabilitation is critical for correct healing.  If an ankle does not heal properly, the chances of re-injury are increased drastically.

An ankle sprain occurs when the stabilizing ligaments of the ankle are stretched past their normal motion.  Athletes that play sports that require quick, lateral movement such as tennis, basketball, football, soccer, and volleyball are prone to ankle sprains by rolling their ankles.

When a person rolls their ankle outward, it is called an inversion ankle sprain.  There are a few ligaments that can be injured during an inversion ankle sprain but the Anterior Talofibular Ligament (ATFL) is injured the most often causing pain on the outside of the ankle and foot.  Occasionally athletes sprain their ankle by rolling them inwards, which is called an eversion ankle sprain.  Eversion sprains can damage the deltoid ligament on the inside part of the ankle or even cause an avulsion fracture where the ligament pulls part of the bone off.

Dr. Brandon Nevel is a certified chiropractic extremities practitioner (CCEP) in Jupiter, FL and has vast experience working with ankle pain and sprain/strains.  Dr. Nevel is also a certified chiropractic sports physician (CCSP), USPTA tennis professional and works with the Jupiter Christian School athletic program where he treats ankles with chiropractic and physical therapy.



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