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Pinched Nerves

“Pinched nerves” is a catch-all term that can describe a few different ailments.  When vertebrae come out of alignment, chiropractors often describe the resulting nerve dysfunction as a “pinched nerve.” When a disc herniates, the herniated material will create nerve pressure and is often described as a “pinched nerve” as well.

Nerves can also be entrapped and “pinched” in soft tissue.  For instance, muscle spasm and scar tissue adhesions can cause nerve entrapment creating nerve symptoms such as numbness, burning, tingling, pins and needles, and/or pain.

Dr. Brandon Nevel of Sport & Spinal Rehab is a chiropractor in Jupiter, FL and can evaluate your pain and determine if you have a pinched nerve.  Once Dr. Nevel has determined the cause of your pain, he will create a care plan to have you pain-free.

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