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Rib Pain

You have 12 pairs of ribs. The first seven ribs are directly attached to the sternum with cartilage and are called “true ribs.” The next five sets of ribs are called “false ribs.”  The last two sets of the false ribs are called floating ribs since they do not attach to the sternum or cartilage.  All 24 ribs attached to the thoracic vertebrae of your spine.

Ribs normally elevate and depress with normal breathing.  However, ribs can come out of alignment, similar to other joints of the body.  Rib misalignments can cause conditions such as intercostal neuralgia and painful breathing.

Some people are born with an extra rib at the base of their neck, called a cervical rib.  Cervical ribs frequently cause numbness and tingling into the arms with thoracic outlet syndrome (T.O.S.).

Dr. Brandon Nevel is a chiropractor serving Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens, FL.  He has post-graduate training in sports and extremities and is trained to diagnosed rib conditions.  Dr. Nevel treats rib pain and various rib conditions with the latest in chiropractic and physical therapy.

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