Hi! I am Dr. Nevel with Sport & Spinal Rehab in Jupiter, FL and today I am talking about upper cross syndrome which is muscular imbalance that I see in many of my patients. Upper cross syndrome is characterized by forward shoulders and forward head posture. It is usually caused by tight pecs and tight upper trapezius muscles, which also create inhibited middle and lower traps and rhomboids and also, your deep neck flexors, which posterior translate your neck. To combat upper cross syndrome, you need to do specific stretches and exercises. Some of the stretches you need to do are in a corner or in a doorway to stretch your pecs and also stretch your upper trap muscles and strengthening your middle and lower traps with rows, wall angels, different exercises that bring your shoulder blades back and depress your shoulder blades down which is very important. Also, very important, is to visit your chiropractor to make sure that you have correct mobility through your mid back because if your mid back is stuck rounded forward then you are not going to be able to pin your shoulder blades back. They are going to be stuck in that anterior position. So, it is very important to stretch certain muscles, to strengthen your middle and lower traps, and also visit your chiropractor to make sure everything is in proper alignment and to be able to bring your shoulder blades down and back. There will be specific exercises in future videos and you can visit TheJupiterChiropractor.com to learn more.

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