Hi, I’m Dr. Nevel with Sport & Spinal Rehab and today we’re talking about our SD machine

SD helps neck and low back pain, esp if the neck pain is travelling into the arms or if your low back pain is travelling into the legs.

The traction produced by SD therapy is helpful for both arthritis and pinched nerves due to disc bulges, herniations, and degenerative disc disease.

I’ll show you on these models what spinal decompression actually does INSIDE your spine.  Here you can see the vertebrae which are the bones of your spine, the discs which separate the vertebrae and your nerve roots which come off of your spinal cord and control your body.  In the back, you can see your facet joints which connect the vertebrae and help with movement.

What happens is as we age or if you injure your neck or back, the spine compresses and everything gets pushed together, often pinching the nerves.

What spinal decompression therapy does is traction the back, increasing the space between the vertebrae enough to relieve the pressure on the nerves.  When the pressure is removed from the nerves, the pain and symptoms will usually disappear. With traction, everything else including the muscles and any arthritic joints get a nice stretch as well.

There are a few conditions that are contraindicated for traction so a thorough examination and imaging are needed before determining if a patient is a candidate for spinal decompression.

For demonstration purposes, we are using our model John who I have previously examined and he is a candidate for spinal decompression.

We are going to start by setting John up for low back decompression treatment.

So John I’m going to have you lay down on your back and we are going to put on the lumbar belt. What’s nice about this decompression machine is you don’t have to put the belts on super tight so it's easier to breathe during treatment. How's that John? Feel snug?

Ok, Hands over your head, take a deep breath in, breath out. Feel snug and comfortable?

Go ahead and bend your knees for me.

The cool thing about the spinal decompression machine we use at Sport & Spinal Rehab can do the traction on your back, stomach, or side. Whichever feels the best and will give us the quickest results.

We will get the lumbar belt attached to the computerized traction rope.

I can raise and lower the table depending on what angle we want to pull at.

John, are you pretty comfortable right now?

Before starting, I will give John a kill switch that will stop the machine and sound a buzzer if he is in any additional pain.

We will fast-forward the video so you can see the traction that occurs with spinal decompression.

Treatment takes about 25 minutes and treatment plans are around 2 months. We have had a lot of success with spinal decompression when combined with physical therapy

SD helps with a lot of neck and low back pain, esp if there are pinched nerves.  We have a lot of success with spinal decompression when combined with physical therapy.  If you are interested in seeing if spinal decompression can help you

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