Hi everyone, this is Dr. Nevel in Jupiter, FL and today I’m talking about a product we have at the office called the Posture Medic. The Posture Medic is something that really helps your posture and helps combat upper cross syndrome which we have talked about in an earlier video. What’s unique about the Posture Medic is that it can be used to stretch, strengthen, and stabilize your posture. This is the Posture Medic and essentially, it’s an elastic band to help your posture. Like I said, first we want to stretch certain tight muscles that we’ve talked about with upper cross syndrome, specifically your pecs. What’s nice about the Posture Medic, is that you can bring it back to stretch your pecs and your upper traps. You can do pass-throughs. You can do figure eights (windmills) and you can also use the Posture Medic to strengthen inhibited or weak muscles, specifically the external rotators of your shoulders. You can also wrap this around any vertical post and do rows to help strengthen your middle and lower traps and your rhomboids. For example, doing a row to pin your shoulder blade down and back, fighting that upper cross syndrome. And you can also use it to help your posture and stabilize your shoulders. What this does now is pin my shoulders down and back. With the Posture Medic, it is a brace, so you do not want to wear it continuously. Based on your activity levels, there’s specific stretches and exercises and how long you should do each and how long you should wear the brace, usually not more than 30 minutes, wearing that up to 5 times per day. The Posture Medic is something we sell at our practice at Sport & Spinal Rehab in Jupiter, Florida. If you have any questions, you can call us and we would be happy to answer any questions.

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